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Happy Valentine’s day

(Edie’s only Valentine she wanted to send was to our neighbours dog, Iggy)

After much deliberation and filling my amazon cart with valentine day spoils, I decided against buying for Edie and Tommy (thus not checking out of Amazon :). I’m still figuring out how I want to celebrate special things, like birthday’s and holidays, but the more holiday hurdles we over come, the more clear I am about what I want my children to take away from these special days. This morning Edie awoke to some post it note hearts hanging and pink pancakes. I bought her a marshmallow heart lollypop and she was so excited I realized, it’s plenty, for her. When you are able to provide nice things for your child, it’s very difficult (for me) to not run out and buy them all. This morning was lovely, sweet and quietly eventful. 

Hope your day is lovely and thoughtful,


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Pretty little nighlights from etsy seller owl shadow puppets

I am so in love with this etsy shop from Colette Bream. This lady sent Tommy the bear pillow a few months back, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to base Tommy’s whole room around this.Is that cloud pillow not the cutest? Perfect for a little girls room….


The Smart Baby Monitor by Withings is the ultimate tech accessory to put at rest the mind of parents, a very innovative device in terms of design and technology for optimal child protection. You can now monitor your child and his surroundings with your iPhone, and interact or control the baby´s comfort from any place on earth! Notable features are: Talking to the baby trough the video screen, play music from pre-recorded melodies, start the night light from your iPhone, keep an eye on temperature and humidity, and analyze your baby´s behavior.

We are huge fans of Stokke around here, and became pretty excited about this new bassinet/rocker sold exclusively at giggle.com. Maybe a reason to have baby number 3! I kid, sort of.

The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind.
With words by one of the most admired songwriters of all time and illustrations by a Caldecott Honor medalist, this powerful and timely picture book will be treasured by adults and children alike.

Following the success of Man Gave Names to All the Animals comes a stunning version of Bob Dylan’s beloved song: the anthemic “Blowin’ in the Wind.” Jon J Muth is the perfect artist to interpret Dylan’s poetic lyrics for a new generation of readers.
This beautiful edition includes a CD of Dylan’s …

1.Stella McCartney 2.pale cloud 3.Marc Jacobs 4.Marilyn Tov 5. Bellrose 6.Jcrew

Pretty sure I spend way too much time thinking about party dresses for Edie during the holidays, but here we are. Getting all dressed-up for all the holiday parties was a big to-do for my family and I still enjoy all the pomp and circumstance that comes along with it. I think Edie would enjoy the Jcrew one the most- what kid doesn’t lean more towards sparkles? I’m loving the Marc Jacobs one.


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How much would you have loved these as a kid? These illustrations certainly bring a bedroom to life. Available soon